Ira Tenenbaum Architect | Tenenbaum Construction, is a design and build company located in Pacific Palisades, California. The company began as a drafting service in 1984 and after several years of working for various individuals and companies including Walt Disney Imagineering, Ira opened his own office in 1994. Ira Tenenbaum Architect | Tenenbaum Construction provides clients with solutions to unique and challenging needs. Ira is thoughtful with every project, taking into consideration the client’s budget, needs, short & long term goals and level of detail desired.

Ira likes to discuss budget, needs, and goals with his clients before any formal agreement is established. “It is my responsibility to interpret and understand the client’s needs in the truest sense.” says Ira “This is a very critical part of any project, whether the project is a light fixture design or an entire architectural space.”

Ira believes in providing outstanding professional architectural design and construction services tailored to the needs of the individual client. He approaches every project as an opportunity to solve exciting architectural and design problems in a creative manner. Ira Tenenbaum Architect | Tenenbaum Construction has completed a wide variety of projects throughout Southern California, from simple bathroom remodels to extensive additions to new ground-up construction.

The quality of each project is built upon integrity, rigorous planning and a thorough design process. This includes a clear, understandable, and realistic project schedule developed together with the client and project team. Ira makes sure his clients are informed and up-to-date on his progress. Ira is hands-on throughout the construction process, performing electrical, plumbing, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, and periodically other trades as deemed necessary to meet project demands and customer satisfaction. “I enjoy the hands-on work, since it keeps me involved and allows me to manage the project on a daily basis.”